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Running a Study 7 Minute Read

How Monitors Spend Their Time, And How That Can Be Cut In Half

Note: As of this writing, CRIO’s Reviewer EDCmodel (eSource/EDC) is live in several studies; early indications are that the new operating model saves sponsors and CROs significant monitoring time. In this post, we outline  the current CRA time allocation as a baseline, then model how our innovative approach can cut that time in half. Clinical...

Running a Study
3 Minute Read -

CRIO’s integrated eSource-EDC Model is a Game Changer

CRIO’s integrated eSource-EDC model revolutionizes both the data entry process at the site level and the monitoring process from the CRO perspective. According to a third party survey of CRAs who have used CRIO, CRAs agreed by a margin of 23:1 that this new model would increase overall trial efficiency, improve data quality, and enhance...

CRIO's 2022 CRA Survey Summary
Running a Study
1 Minute Read -

CRIO’s 2022 Clinical Research Associate Survey Summary

The clinical research industry made big changes to adapt to the operational disruptions of a global pandemic. Today, it’s more exciting and diverse than ever before. With the high level of technology adoption to enable the continuity of clinical trials, CRIO wanted to learn more about CRA  experiences using the CRIO platform, the leader in eSource technology. CRIO retained...

Running a Study
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The results are in: CRAs love CRIO

Over 13,000 protocols have gone through the CRIO system, and in the vast majority of them, CRAs have used CRIO to monitor source. We’ve always heard from our sites that their CRAs love the system, but now we have proof. According to a third party survey of CRAs who have used CRIO, by a healthy...

Running a Site
3 Minute Read -

Technology Innovation in Clinical Trials is Here to Stay

The staying power of technology after the pandemic  The clinical trials industry has historically been slow to adopt innovation, but 2020 was a catalyst for transformation. Spurred on by the need for business continuity during the pandemic, sites and sponsors worldwide were highly motivated to reconsider business as usual, and many have adopted an array...

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