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CRIO Culture

CRIO Culture

Explaining our Mission Statement

CRIO’s mission statement serves as our north star. It shapes our strategy and prioritizes our initiatives. Developed by the CRIO management team, it encapsulates succinctly what makes us different, and it avoids buzzwords and vague, unattainable aspirations. Our mission is “To design and deliver a modern, intuitive, and integrated software platform that reimagines clinical trials...

Performance management for remote teams CRIO Culture

Performance Management in a Virtual World: Strategies for Remote Teams

The Challenge How do remote organizations ensure their team members are performing? We’ve heard it all. Webcam monitoring, mouse movement, activity tracking, micromanagement. But what if we told you CRIO does none of this. Yet, we consistently develop and retain some of the top talent in the industry? Here’s our secret. Traditionally, performance reviews were...

Happy company team members CRIO Culture

Empowering Professional Growth in a Remote Work Setting

With its increasing popularity, remote work comes with a wide array of benefits centering around flexibility and cohesion with the human element of our workforce. It has also moved the needle for ways we think about productivity and talent development – namely, virtual learning. There are skeptics who believe that remote work impedes career development...