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CRIO Announces Partnership with StudyKIK to Bring Integrated Solution to Clinical Research Sites

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CRIO is pleased to announce StudyKIK, a Syneos Health Company, as an inaugural member of the CRIO Partners program launching in July. This collaboration represents CRIO’s continued efforts in revolutionizing the landscape of clinical trials technology. CRIO’s commitment has always been to provide innovative solutions that drive data quality, enhance patient safety, and reduce site burden.

“CRIO is excited about partnering with StudyKIK to leverage our Recruitment API, providing our customers with advanced recruitment services that, combined with CRIO’s technology, power a reimagined approach to clinical trial execution. Historically, there’s been a significant handoff problem from lead generation to site follow-up, and our seamless, two-way integration eliminates that handoff risk” said Raymond Nomizu, Co-CEO. “Through our partnership, we offer sites a full end-to-end solution for the clinical trial patient journey.”.

CRIO’s collaboration with StudyKIK marks an important milestone in the journey to enhance the quality and speed of clinical research. By using CRIO’s Recruiting API, StudyKIK is joining CRIO in reinventing how recruitment data flows in clinical research. This partnership signifies a joint commitment to providing an integrated platform that reimagines clinical trials for quality, speed and patient centricity.

“StudyKIK is proud to partner with CRIO, furthering our commitment to reducing site burden and enhancing efficiency through the seamless integration of technologies. This collaboration exemplifies our dedication to providing integrated solutions that optimize the clinical trial lifecycle, ensuring a smoother and more effective experience for the thousands of clinical research sites we support,” said Tarra Shingler, Chief Commercial Officer of StudyKIK.

By partnering with StudyKIK, CRIO sites will benefit from a streamlined recruitment process that improves their performance and increases their opportunities to enroll more patients in their trials. The Recruitment API ensures that patient lead information flows between CRIO and StudyKIK with no manual efforts on the part of site staff, accelerating the recruitment timeline. This marks a significant step forward in leveraging innovative technology and recruitment expertise to revolutionize clinical research, empowering CRIO sites to perform at higher levels, ultimately bringing life-changing treatments to patients faster.

About StudyKIK

StudyKIK, a Syneos Health Company, is a leader in clinical trial management technologies with solutions focused on patient recruitment and retention. Founded in 2014, StudyKIK aims to improve and streamline the clinical trial lifecycle to offer a better experience for patients, sites, and sponsors through technologies that are interconnected. With a mission to make a difference in the world by bringing new treatments to people faster through education and innovative technology, StudyKIK continues to develop new technology-enabled, insight-powered solutions to help support clinical research. For more information visit StudyKIK’s website.

Click here to learn more about the CRIO Partners Program.

For further inquiries about CRIO’s Partners Program, please email

Niki Gandhi by Niki Gandhi Community Manager at CRIO
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