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clinical trial management

Running a Study 5 Minute Read

Sponsors, Funding is Tight – Be Smart with Your Money

Getting a new product to market is expensive. There are a variety of studies and research that point to a wide array of costs, but generally speaking, it costs nearly $3 billion dollars to bring a new drug to market. Yes, you read that correctly. Beyond this, the success rate of a new compound to...

Running a Site
6 Minute Read -

7 Steps to Train a Super Clinical Research Coordinator

Between loads of emails and back-to-back patients, the clinical research super-coordinator swiftly and accurately manages your site’s data collection, leaving you with peace of mind at the end of a long day. One can only imagine what might happen without a super-coordinator by your side…the horror! Unfortunately, it’s more common than many site owners would...

Running a Site
1 Minute Read -

The Clinical Trial Business Development Lifecycle

Webinar Date: February 17, 2020 Webinar Guests: Mark Ragusa, former Director of Research at Raleigh Neurology Associates Don’t do clinical trial business development haphazardly. Mark Ragusa, former Director of Research at Raleigh Neurology, shares his framework for systematically targeting and nurturing your sponsor and CRO relationships to create a rich, site-appropriate study pipeline. Raleigh Neurology...

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