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Running a Site 5 Minute Read

Site Spotlight: CEO of ClinCloud Offers Insight On Running COVID-19 Trials

COVID-19 trials have quickly become the top trafficked listings. According to WCG Insights, COVID trial listings represent 15.1% of total visits in the last 6 months and has led to a decrease in interest in trials for other conditions.  Given the fluid nature of the pandemic and the increasing need for COVID treatments and vaccines,...

Running a Site
3 Minute Read -

Clinical Trials Have Largely Re-Opened, Per Clinical Research IO’s Survey

At the beginning of May 2020, many of the larger pharmaceutical companies released their first quarter financials and shared their plans to open up research amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Determined to return to near normal operations by the end of the year, sponsors said they would begin to lift enrollment holds and initiate new studies. According...

Running a Site
4 Minute Read -

Industry experts counsel on staffing models, patient recruitment and remote monitoring in the new normal

According to the latest survey by Clinical Research IO, clinical trials have largely re-opened. While we should remain optimistic about the restart, Dr. Lindsay McNair, Chief Medical Officer of WCG, reminds us that “we are not post-COVID in many ways.” Given that clinical trials will have to take place amid the ongoing pandemic, “we should...

Running a Site
2 Minute Read -

Clinical Trial Site Costs Are Soaring Due to COVID. Clinical Trial Agreements Need to Catch Up

To continue operating throughout the pandemic, research sites quickly implemented a variety of measures and procedures (i.e., PPE requirements, increased sanitation, COVID screening, IP handling systems, patient transportation systems, limitations on number of people on site, etc.). While these measures continue to be necessary, they have increased site workload and consequently led to an unprecedented level of financial strain....

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