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A Comparison of EMR and eSource Data

In a comparison of EMR and eSource data, we analyzed the medications and medical history documented in the EMR versus the EDC of subjects in active ongoing clinical research studies. The goal was to assess the validity of the assumption of the utility of using EMR data directly. The present study reveals a significant data...

An enterprise-grade eClinical solution, CRIO

An Enterprise-Grade eClinical Solution – CRIO

You need a partner that is capable of meeting your enterprise requirements and regulatory obligations. CRIO is an enterprise-grade eClinical solution. This guide describes some of CRIO’s best practices that differentiate us from other vendors. Download the full white paper to explore CRIO, the industry’s #1 site-based eSource solution.  

Electronic Source Reduces Protocol Deviations

eSource Reduces Protocol Deviations Compared to Paper Source

With nine locations in Texas, California and Louisiana, and five-time recipient of the Best Clinical Trials Site/Network award from the World Vaccine Congress, Benchmark Research is one of the industry’s leading vaccine network. This white paper provides an in-depth analysis from three participating Benchmark Research. Specifically, results indicate that using CRIO electronic source (eSource) reduces...

The CRIO model

Today’s Broken EDC Model vs The CRIO Model

This primer describes CRIO’s integrated eSource-EDC model. In this model, data are captured once by the site, against electronic source templates built by the sponsors. Next, the data are surfaced in a sponsor-facing application called Reviewer. Using Reviewer, sponsors can review, query, lock, code, and extract the data. Download the full case study to discover...

The Consolidation and Reinvention of Site Networks, Part 2

What’s Driving Site Network Consolidation? The Reinvention of Site Networks, Part 2

In a 2019 CRIO eBook, “Scaling and Innovating: The Consolidation and Reinvention of Clinical Research Sites,” we explored the emerging trend of clinical research site consolidation. Today, there are five times as many site networks today as in 2015. Sponsors are taking notice and driving a lot of this shift. What does this mean for...

Staffing Shortages in Clinical Research

Staffing Shortages in Clinical Research Highlight Opportunities for Sponsors to Provide Support

Identifying ways to increase efficiency in the clinical research workforce. Staffing shortages at clinical research sites are having a major impact on clinical trials worldwide. Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, these workforce constraints have forced research professionals to accomplish more with fewer resources. CRIO and TPS surveyed members of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals...

Choosing the right eSource solution

Choosing the Right eSource Solution: A Comprehensive Checklist for Sites and Site Networks

Choosing the right eSource solution is a critical decision for clinical research sites because it can significantly impact operational efficiency, data quality, and compliance. With numerous options available, selecting the right eSource system can be a daunting task. To simplify the process, it is important to consider several key factors. We’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist...

2022 CRA Survey Results

CRA Survey Results Summary

The clinical research industry made big changes to adapt to the operational disruptions of a global pandemic. Today, it’s more exciting and diverse than ever before. With the high level of recent technology adoption, CRIO wanted to learn more about CRA  experiences using the CRIO platform. Method Between March 16 and March 30, 2022, a...

Leveraging eSource for Study Managers

Leveraging eSource for Study Managers

In this white paper, author Takoda Roland, Associate Director of Clinical Operations at Sitero, a forward-thing CRO, discusses the benefits and implementation of eSource as a study manager for remote monitoring in clinical trials. The author highlights his firsthand experience with eSource, specifically using the CRIO platform, and its ability to streamline processes and increase...

CRIO ebook: Scaling and Innovating - The Consolidation and Reinvention of Clinical Research Sites

The Consolidation of Clinical Research Sites, Pt. 1

In the rapidly evolving landscape of clinical research, site operations are undergoing a significant transformation. In this white paper, we will delve into a series of interviews with leading industry strategists. They’ll shed light on the necessary and long-term changes taking place. Contributors and Their Insights: We had the privilege of gathering insights from esteemed...