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April 28 - May 1, 2023

ACRP 2023

ACRP 2023 event logo and information.

Why attend ACRP 2023?

ACRP 2023 is the place to be for clinical research professionals seeking inspiration, information, and connection. Learn why thousands of CRAs and clinical research sites worldwide love and trust CRIO.

Meet Team CRIO at Booth 604

Ready to learn more? There’s a reason why CRIO is the industry’s most adopted eSource solution. Make eSource work for you. Join the session below to learn practical actions that will help ensure compliance with eSource implementation at your site.

CRIO, Presenting at ACRP 2023

eSource Adoption: Regulations are Not the Roadblock!

  Speaker: Marc Wartenberger, CQA, CTFL, Director, Corporate QA and Compliance at CRIO

Regulatory requirements are often interpreted as hurdles and blockers to technological innovation. Recently, this type of thinking has shifted – particularly during the pandemic – as regulators have embraced technology to streamline and improve the conduct of clinical trials. During this presentation, an outline of regulations and guidance will be presented and a set of practical actions will be discussed to help organizations ensure compliance when implementing eSource solutions.

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