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Clinical Trials OBQ: One Burning Question

Clinical Trials OBQ: One Burning Question

What you’ll learn.

Clinical Trials OBQ: One Burning Question is a Linkedin audio group that meets monthly to bring awareness and solution-oriented commentary to contemporary topics that affect clinical trials and therapy development. This month, the group is tackling this One Burning Question: Is site tech the key to data quality, patient safety, and cost savings?

Drop in with Raymond Nomizu, CEO at CRIO for a discussion about:

  • the evolving site landscape
  • the power and still untapped potential of these technologies, and
  • the significant process changes that they’ll unleash.

Why it matters.

Just as in health care, clinical research sites are consolidating into larger networks. Altogether, these networks are driving adoption of eSource, eConsent and eISF. These technologies fill a critical gap in the eClinical landscape by automating workflows at the research site level, where data is first collected. Because they operate at point of capture, these tools embed protocol compliance, data quality and patient safety into the front end. This reduces subsequent data cleanup while enabling remote monitoring.

Take action.

One day, they will replace legacy EDC, eTMF and other sponsor-based systems. Accordingly, when they do, these tools will re-arrange the jobs landscape. They will additionally free professionals from data entry, source data verification and other clerical tasks. Some roles will disappear; new roles will emerge. As a whole, R&D productivity will increase, with more focus on enrollment, patient centricity, protocol compliance, safety and data science.

Join the conversation here.


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