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Digital with a Purpose Global Summit 2023

27 -29
Digital with a Purpose Global Summit 2023
Lisbon, Portugal

Join us September 27-29 and the Digital with a Purpose Global Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. CRIO President and COO Jonathan Andrus will be joining a panel on “Big Data and Healthcare” with other industry leaders at 4:30 PM on Wednesday, September 27. The panel will look into how to further adapt the governance of health data and how to improve cooperation between the public and private sector to ensure that the rapidly evolving technical innovations in digital health matches the changing public health requirements of modern societies.

About Digital with a Purpose

The Digital with a Purpose Global Summit represents a unique opportunity for private and public sector companies, vertical industries, and cities to showcase the benefits of Digital and Sustainable solutions. This year’s Summit will have a strong focus on Biodiversity as well as on Smart and Sustainable Cities and Education. The Summit will seek to find answers to how can digital technologies preserve and protect all life forms and help to manage resources in a more efficient way? How can we digitally transform cities? And how can we use technology to provide universal access to education and learning, disrupt an obsolete education system,  and elevate the potential of our future generations?

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