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October 18 - ,

Podcast: Pioneering Site-Centric Transformation

pioneering site-centric transformation

CRIO CEO Raymond Nomizu will be joining Maya Zlatanova on the Trials with Maya Z podcast on October 18 at 10AM GMT+3 (3AM EDT) to discuss pioneering site-centric transformation and the role technology will play. Click here to visit the podcast’s LinkedIn page.

More about the Trials with Maya Z Podcast Series

What determines success in clinical trials? After all, 90% of them fail and 85% get delayed. Together with me – your host – Maya, we will uncover the myths and challenges in clinical research. Whilst reaching solutions beyond our expectations. Improved clinical trials provide patients with access to necessary treatments and drive medical and pharmaceutical progress. With over 15 years of experience in the healthtech industry, I recognized that there is a gap between patients’ needs and the clinical research industry. I believe in combining efforts with experts from various disciplines for a better future. Join us to discuss solutions that make clinical research more efficient and patient-centric.

About Maya Zlatanova

Healthtech entrepreneur, clinical research expert, and pharma industry speaker, Maya Zlatanova is the CEO of TrialHub. She has 15 years of global experience in clinical research regulations, patient recruitment, and engagement, clinical trial feasibility, and operations. Maya is inspired by stories, not just facts, and believes the clinical research industry has many stories every day that are calling for a change in the way we think and operate. She is a seasoned speaker at Clinical Trial Innovations, Scope Summit, Logipharma events, Patient Engagement Forum, and GIANT Health.

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