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SCRS Webinar

28 -28
SCRS Webinar
Online Webinar

Join us for our upcoming SCRS Webinar titled: “The Value of Digital Adoption: Research Site Success Stories”.

As part of this webinar, CRIO’s Maxine Lai will explore the transformative impact of technology adoption at the research site level. Learn from experienced site managers about successful strategies in implementing technology solutions such as eSource, eRegulatory, and CTMS. We’ll discuss the potential value of these solutions to save significant time and resources at the site level as well as potential downsides. Hear practical approaches for showcasing the value of innovating your clinical trial operations and demonstrating the benefits to sponsors, regulators, and stakeholders.

In this webinar you will:

1. Understand the transformative impact of digital adoption on clinical trial research.

2. Learn successful strategies for implementing eClinical solutions such as e-source, e-regulatory, and CTMS from experienced site managers.

3. Gain valuable insights into demonstrating the tangible benefits of digitalization in clinical trial operations to sponsors, regulators, and stakeholders.

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