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April 1-4, 2024

World Vaccine Congress Washington 2024, Booth #238

world vaccine congress washington 2024

Join us in Washington DC from April 1st through 4th as we attend the World Vaccine Congress.

CRIO’s Senior Director of Security, Corporate QA & Compliance, Marc Wartenberger will be hosting a talk titled ‘The Need for Speed: How Electronic Systems Can Accelerate Vaccine Trials’.

Tired of chasing data queries and spending hours correcting errors? In vaccine trials, where speed is crucial, clean data matters. This session dives into how electronic systems can revolutionize your workflow, reducing data entry errors and streamlining analysis using practical examples and case studies.

  • Eliminate double data entry: Put an end to double data entry and say goodbye to redundant queries with a single point of data capture.
  • Edit-proof your data: Experience the power of automated validation and reduced manual edits, leading to cleaner, more reliable datasets.
  • Faster analysis, faster results: Spend less time cleaning and more time analyzing, accelerating your journey to vaccine submission.
  • Enhance data integrity: Secure audit trails prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Boost your vaccine impact: Discover how clean data empowers faster development, ultimately saving lives and improving public health.
  • Key takeaways:

Time is of the essence in vaccine trials. This session will demonstrate how cleaner data translates to faster results, ultimately contributing to the effectiveness and broader availability of life-saving vaccines using practical case studies and real-world data.

  • Discover how electronic systems streamline data entry and reduce errors.
  • Learn how accurate data upfront saves time and resources downstream.
  • See how faster data analysis can accelerate vaccine development and availability.

Click here to learn more and register.

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