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Creating an EMR to EDC Pipeline through eSource

Date: June 2022

The CRIO Innovation Theater: Creating an EMR to EDC pipeline through eSource, presented insights to a jam-packed audience at DIA’s 2022 Global Annual Meeting. In case you missed it, view the recording right here, courtesy of DIA.


EMR-to-EDC integration is challenging to scale due to the fragmentation of health care providers. With EMR interoperability, patients have the power to collect their own medical records and direct them into e-clinical platforms. CRIO and Pluto Health Health will demonstrate a groundbreaking innovation whereby Pluto Health Health aggregates medical records on behalf of patients and sends them to CRIO’s integrated eSource-to-EDC platform, thus creating the industry’s first truly scalable EMR-to-EDC pipeline.


  • Dr. Elena Christofides, CEO at Endocrinology Associates Inc.
  • Raymond Nomizu, CEO and co-founder at CRIO
  • Dr. Seung Park, Head of Medical Informatics at Pluto Health

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