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Faster, Better, Cheaper Clinical Trials Using CRIO

Find out how CRIO Reviewer, an integrated eSource/EDC platform, can help you reduce costs, improve quality, and eliminate costly enrollment delays on your next clinical trial. Our solution eliminates SDV, reduces on-site monitoring time, and increases enrollment rates by eliminating double entry into eSource and EDC systems.

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Monitors Favor CRIO Over Paper By 3:1 Margins

Monitors Favor CRIO Over Paper By 3:1 Margins

One CRA discovered the benefits of the CRIO system and introduced it to other sites on a trial. The CRAs’ favorable impressions were confirmed in a subsequent survey of CRA users of the CRIO eSource/EDC system, who favored CRIO over paper on promoting data integrity, compliance and rigorous QC by 3:1 margins. Schedule a demo...