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eSource Challenges and Opportunities on the SCDM Podcast

Dr. Elena Christofides joins the SCDM podcast to talk with Linda King about the challenges and opportunities of using eSource from a site perspective. Dr. Christofides is an experienced global lead Principal Investigator with Endocrinology Associates, Inc. She has using eSource for more than a decade and shares some of the top challenges she has...


Pioneering Site-Centric Transformation

CRIO CEO Raymond Nomizu joins Maya Zlatanova on the Trials with Maya Z podcast to discuss pioneering site-centric transformation and the role technology will play. Click here to visit the podcast’s LinkedIn page. Topics include: What’s happening right now with clinical sites Should sites choose their own tech stack How to build better ePRO workflows...


The Clinical Trials Guru, LLC

Podcast date: July 25, 2023 Topic: Consented Patient Medical Records Automatically Populating In Your Clinical Research Source? In this episode of The Clinical Trials Guru with Dan Sfera, Dr. Joy Bhosai, CEO at Pluto Health and Raymond Nomizu, CEO at CRIO discuss the impact of CRIO’s Medical Records API. CRIO, in partnership with Pluto Health,...

The Clinical Trials Guru - Live on LinkedIn

The Clinical Trials Guru – Live on LinkedIn

Date: June 30, 2023 Topic: Guru Nation Live With LICR and BWICR and CRIO! Diversity In Clinical Research! Dive in to this LinkedIn Live conversation with Dan Sfera of The Clinical Trials Guru, Latinos in Clinical Research, Black Women in Clinical Research, and Hannah Kulkarni, customer success manager at CRIO. The conversation centered around the...

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