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Our Company

Our mission is to design and deliver a modern, intuitive and integrated software platform that reimagines clinical trials for quality, speed and patient centricity

Our Story

Founded in 2015 by current CEO Raymond Nomizu and Phuc Truong, CRIO's goal is to transform the clinical trial industry by reimagining workflows from a site-centric perspective. By automating protocols at the site level, CRIO's technology builds quality at point of capture, unlocking significant downstream benefits for sites and sponsors alike.

Meet our leadership team

The Dreamers. The Doers. The Innovators.



Raymond Nomizu

Board Member

Margaretta Nyilas, MD

Board Member

Tom Peterson

Board Member

Jeff Stein, Board Member

Jeff Stein

Board Member

Ren Roome

Board Observer


Raymond Nomizu

CEO & Co-Founder

Jonathan Andrus

President & COO

Matt Salafia

Vice President of Engineering

Brook White

Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Operations

Kristen Bosse

Senior Director of Product Development

Bala Nair

Enterprise Architect

Tony Sciucco

Senior Director of Customer Experience

Jennifer Beattie

Senior Director of People & Culture

Elvis Tam

Senior Director of UX

Marc Wartenberger

Director, Security, Corporate QA & Compliance

CRIO x Events

CRIO is always expanding and growing our brand recognition and learning new ways to optimize our software for our new and existing clients. Here are just a few of the amazing trade shows we've attended and events we've hosted

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