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The #1 site-powered
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CRIO's solution drives protocol compliance,
eliminates transcription, and saves sites
and sponsors time and money

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I use CRIO because there is no service like this in Brazil. An option of electronic source document in Portuguese with an automatic multi-currency financial platform facilitates the clinical research activities in a complete and innovative way. With CRIO, we have been able to build out hubs across Brazil and bring research to underserved areas.

Keyla Deucher
CEO, Bioserv SMO

In the exam room, the system is like an app, not a cumbersome program. It has the look and feel of efficiency, which is what you want.

David Scott
Owner, Palm Beach Research

In research, one error can cause a lot of bad consequences like an audit, loss of business, etc. With CRIO, I know I have a much lower chance of something like that happening. I can go to sleep at night knowing we have quality under control. This is my livelihood, so there is no price tag to that peace of mind.

Dr. James Clark
Principal Investigator (now with Alcanza)

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Lisbon, Portugal
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San Diego, CA
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Palm Beach, FL

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