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The #1 site-powered
 eSource solution

CRIO's solution drives protocol compliance,
eliminates transcription, and saves sites
and sponsors time and money

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Clincloud was excited to collaborate on a study that integrated eSource data and EDC. With this capability, our site and staff can focus more time on recruiting and retaining patients - what we do best.

Jessica Branning
CEO, ClinCloud

We were wasting hours of time scanning and uploading documents for remote monitoring. We needed to move to eSource. CRIO was the perfect solution for us - easy to use and a big time-saver.

Deborah Copeland
Chief Operations Officer, Benchmark Research

I highly recommend sites, sponsors and CROs implement CRIO across their trials. It's a powerful, purpose-built clinical research tool that ensures protocol compliance upfront.

Dr. Elena Christofides
CEO, Endocrinology Associates

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