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Running a Site

Clinical Trial Site Costs Are Soaring Due to COVID. Clinical Trial Agreements Need to Catch Up

To continue operating throughout the pandemic, research sites quickly implemented a variety of measures and procedures (i.e., PPE requirements, increased sanitation, COVID screening, IP handling systems, patient transportation systems, limitations on number of people on site, etc.). While these measures continue to be necessary, they have increased site workload and consequently led to an unprecedented level of financial strain....

clinical-trial-budget-negotiations-coronavirus Running a Site

How Two Site Directors Negotiated Their Clinical Trial Budgets During Coronavirus

Webinar Date: May 28, 2020 Webinar Guests: Joel Ebuh, MD (Gadolin Research) and Karen Obmaces (Accurate Clinical Research) During clinical trial budget negotiations in the COVID-19 era, consider adding certain line items to your CTA, including reimbursement for remote monitoring visits, COVID questionnaires and follow-up, PPE and cleaning fees, home delivery of IP, and more.

Running a Site

How to Conduct Clinical Trial Budget Negotiations During Coronavirus, From A Clinical Research Attorney

Webinar Date: April 21, 2020 Webinar Guests: Edye Edens, JD, Senior Research Compliance Consultant at First Class Solutions Learn how to negotiate your clinical trial budgets from attorney Edye Edens, Senior Research Compliance Consultant at First Class solutions. She reports that clinical trial sites have a strong case for clinical trial budget negotiation. Edye discusses...