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clinical trial business development

Running a Site 2 Minute Read

What’s Driving Network Consolidation

There are plenty of instances where institutional capital goes into a sector, only to fizzle out. Why are we confident that the site network trend is real, and not hype? We’ve identified 4 main levers of revenue and profit growth for network consolidation. In order, from the “quick hit” to the heaviest lift: Business Development...

Running a Site
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What’s the value of a research site?

Valuation of site for purchase by site networks As site networks compete with each other to purchase clinical research sites, certain valuation standards have emerged. For sites that achieve a scale threshold, an exit is possible at a multiple of the site’s EBITDA. EBITDA stands for earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization, and it’s...

Running a Study
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How the World’s Leading Vaccine Site Network Decreased Protocol Deviations by Almost 40%

Overview With 9 locations in Texas, California and Louisiana, Benchmark Research is the world’s leading vaccine network. Benchmark has performed over 10,000 studies on over 40,000 subjects and has received numerous awards, including being a five-time recipient of the Best Clinical Trial Site/Network award from the World Vaccine Congress. Challenge Historically, Benchmark used paper charts...

Running a Site
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Key Takeaways from the 2021 SCRS Site Solutions Summit

Reflections on the Summit The 2021 Global Site Solutions Summit, hosted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites, was an amazing event. The first in-person event that our company has attended in 18 months, the Summit provided an opportunity for CRIO to meet new people and reconnect with clients and friends alike. Post-Pandemic Trends, Here...

Running a Site
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The Clinical Trial Business Development Lifecycle

Webinar Date: February 17, 2020 Webinar Guests: Mark Ragusa, former Director of Research at Raleigh Neurology Associates Don’t do clinical trial business development haphazardly. Mark Ragusa, former Director of Research at Raleigh Neurology, shares his framework for systematically targeting and nurturing your sponsor and CRO relationships to create a rich, site-appropriate study pipeline. Raleigh Neurology...

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