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cost of clinical trials

Running a Site 2 Minute Read

Clinical Trial Site Costs Are Soaring Due to COVID. Clinical Trial Agreements Need to Catch Up

To continue operating throughout the pandemic, research sites quickly implemented a variety of measures and procedures (i.e., PPE requirements, increased sanitation, COVID screening, IP handling systems, patient transportation systems, limitations on number of people on site, etc.). While these measures continue to be necessary, they have increased site workload and consequently led to an unprecedented level of financial strain....

Cost of Clinical Trials: A Breakdown (Infographic)
Running a Study
1 Minute Read -

Cost of Clinical Trials: A Breakdown (Infographic)

What are the main costs of clinical trials, and why are they so expensive? Our team at Clinical Research IO searched the literature to find out how clinical trial costs differed by indication, and what the main cost drivers were. Successful clinical development of a drug, from preclinical testing to marketing approval, requires a vast...

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