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Running a Site
4 Minute Read -

Leadership & technology – Preparing your site for the future of clinical trials

Leadership’s role in empowering emotional resilience and adaptation in the clinical research industry. For the last 25 years, the founders of BioNTech have been dedicated to using mRNA technology in the treatment of cancer. In January 2020, the company’s leadership identified that their innovative technology could be applied to a COVID-19 vaccine – and the...

Remote Consenting
Running a Site
1 Minute Read -

How Research Sites Can Win with Decentralized Trials – Part 3 – Remote Consenting

Remote consent is one of the main technological and operational advantages that support direct-to-patient recruitment. In Part 3 of our 7-part webinar, join the conversation around the willingness to adopt remote consenting services, as well as the challenges of multinational clinical trials covering different languages. Topics covered over the course of 7 sessions include: Part...

Running a Study
3 Minute Read -

This is Why Remote Monitoring in Clinical Trials is Slower Than Expected

Most clinical trials are conducted with onsite monitoring, where a clinical research assistant (CRA) visits the site to perform source data verification, drug accountability, and other review functions. As COVID has imposed significant travel restrictions and stay at home mandates, many CRAs cannot currently perform on-site visits; even if they could, many of their sites...

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