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Running a Site 6 Minute Read

7 Steps to Train a Super Clinical Research Coordinator

Between loads of emails and back-to-back patients, the clinical research super-coordinator swiftly and accurately manages your site’s data collection, leaving you with peace of mind at the end of a long day. One can only imagine what might happen without a super-coordinator by your side…the horror! Unfortunately, it’s more common than many site owners would...

Running a Site
6 Minute Read -

10 Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing a Clinical Research Coordinator

Hire your dream Clinical Research Coordinator. Reveal your applicant’s true capabilities with these 10 questions. When I interviewed for my first coordinator job, I was left alone in a back-office waiting for at least 45 minutes before the Prime Coordinator remembered I was there. She rushed out of the room to collect her materials and...

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