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Washington University of St. Louis: Using CRIO As A Quality Tool In Clinical Trials

This case study showcases how Washington University in St. Louis, a leading academic research center, implemented CRIO’s eSource on their industry-funded protocols, resulting in improved quality across studies, reduced data errors, enhanced patient safety, and simplified PI oversight. The study highlights how going paperless with CRIO’s eSource improved study design flexibility and provided detailed instructions for procedures, resulting in better equipped coordinators to conduct visits properly. Additionally, the remote flexibility of eSource allowed for PI oversight from anywhere, reducing paperwork waiting for signatures. The study also discusses how the support staff at CRIO was patient and knowledgeable, making the implementation process smoother. If you want to learn more about how CRIO’s eSource helped Washington University in St. Louis produce high-quality data and simplify clinical research trials, download the full case study.

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