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Staffing Shortages in Clinical Research Highlight Opportunities for Sponsors to Provide Support

Staffing Shortages in Clinical Research

Identifying ways to increase efficiency in the clinical research workforce.

Staffing shortages at clinical research sites are having a major impact on clinical trials worldwide. Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, these workforce constraints have forced research professionals to accomplish more with fewer resources. CRIO and TPS surveyed members of the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) to better understand the overall staffing situation at clinical research sites. ACRP is one of the premiere professional organizations for clinical research professionals in the United States, and has wide cross-sectional representation across multiple research institutions.

Specifically, we wanted to know more about the time, personnel, and technologies used by clinical research sites. We also sought to identify opportunities to increase their efficiency.

While sites are used to working with sponsor-provided systems, many are not fully tech-enabled themselves. Many sites do not fully utilize site-specific technologies that could increase their workflow efficiency.

In short, our survey revealed an opportunity for sponsors to improve the effectiveness of their sites by offering them staffing support, site-facing technology, or both.

Download the full white paper to learn more.

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