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Capture source data in real-time

Join the industry’s leader in electronic source for clinical trial sites.

Save time on visits

Coordinators and investigators will find our eSource templates extremely intuitive and easy to use. Simply type “h” to pull up “hypertension.” Hit 6 keystrokes to enter “UNK-UNK-2012.” Hit one keystroke to enter the current time. We make it easy to enter source data on the go.

Schedule within window

CRIO's user-friendly calendar will schedule subjects within visit window. It highlights the target days, and flags visits that are scheduled or completed outside of window, prompting the study team to write a progress note explaining any out of window visits.

Review data and collaborate remotely

Site teams need to collaborate on source data collection and review. CRIO site users with study rights can log in anytime to view completed source data, including the question, answer, and audit trail. Site users can collaborate internally through direct message querying that is not visible to CRAs.

Easily upload, annotate and eSign documents

Site teams can upload, annotate, redact, route and e-sign documents such as lab reports, ECG tracings, or patient diaries. Users will view files assigned for signature, and get alerts when the Principal Investigator signs a requested file.


Join the industry’s leader in electronic source data capture for clinical trial sites. CRIO eSource is a user-friendly, web-based tool to capture site source data in real-time.

Discover eSource

CRIO Publisher allows sponsors, networks and other users running the same study at multiple sites to build, version and push the templates to the sites on the trial.

Discover Publisher

CRIO Reviewer allows sponsors and CROs to review eSource data as it's saved, and to query, lock, medical code and extract the data. It's a remote monitoring and EDC tool rolled into one.

Discover Reviewer EDC

CRIO’s eConsent automates the completion and execution of the Informed Consent, and is built right into CRIO’s eSource workflow.

Discover eConsent

With CRIO’s eRegulatory, research sites can streamline regulatory workflows with paperless binders and an electronic delegation log.

Discover eRegulatory

CRIO’s innovative partnership with Pluto Health Health delivers electronic medical records, alongside clinical care insights, straight to the investigator, within minutes! PIs can review health data and insights, and annotate the data before entry into source and the EDC.

Discover Medical Record API

CRIO's reporting module lets users filter, sort, search, download, schedule and export data. Users can also have their own Business Intelligence tool query their CRIO data directly.

Discover Reporting

CRIO’s site-based CTMS lets clinical research sites run their "back office operations", including patient recruiting, scheduling, financial management and more.

Discover Site CTMS

Sites can issue and load patient stipend cards with preset or manual amounts. Our reports keep track of how much you’ve paid each subject, enabling easy 1099 reporting.

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