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Academic Research

Ditch the paper, empower your

21CFR11 compliant eSource for industry or investigator initiated trials.

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Go paperless,
build in quality

Fewer Deviations 40%
Lower FDA Audit Risk 70%

Enable remote collaboration

Free your study teams of the burden of chasing paper. Work remotely with busy investigators. Route labs or medical records for PI review. Provide convenient remote monitoring for CRAs. Enable data collection at multiple locations without having to carry paper binders!


Run investigator initiated trials

For investigator initiated trials, CRIO’s eSource is highly customizable and easy to use, providing a quick option for study teams to configure and deploy templates. Use our system as a full eSource-EDC product, saving transcription and source data verification.


Get peace of mind

CRIO’s software is built to rigorous security and quality standards and will meet your university’s compliance guidelines. For trials involving investigational products, you will need a 21CFR11 compliant product, and CRIO's eSource is an affordable, FDA-compliant tool deployed on thousands of industry Phase 2 and 3 trials.

Case Study

CRIO x Washington University in St. Louis

This case study showcases how Washington University in St. Louis, a leading academic research center, implemented CRIO’s eSource on their industry-funded protocols, resulting in improved quality across studies, reduced data errors, enhanced patient safety, and simplified PI oversight. The study highlights how going paperless with CRIO’s eSource improved study design flexibility and provided detailed instructions…

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