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SDC Announces Partnership with CRIO on eSource Initiative

CRIO and SDC Partnership

Boston, MA – Continuing the momentum of technology solution innovations after its recent release of SDC Insights™, SDC is proud to partner with CRIO to bring eSource functionality in-house to better serve clients and their clinical needs. 

“With SDC’s in-house developers, we can efficiently meet the individual needs of each protocol with CRIO eSource, a compliant solution that harnesses real-time data to streamline clinical compliance and reduce transcription errors” says Quan Doan, Vice President, Technology Solutions.  

“SDC’s desire to embrace a reimagined approach to clinical trial execution is a testament to their focus on providing the best possible outcomes for their customers” says Jonathan Andrus, CRIO’s President and COO.

SDC’s eSource solution, powered by CRIO, is a comprehensive, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system that enables staff to capture data in real-time. Functionality includes:

  • Elimination of 90% of paper while improving data quality by an average of 80%.
  • Provision of a library of prebuilt source templates and the ability to reduce build timelines, providing a 25% increase in efficiency during development of a new study.
  • Providing a user-friendly calendar to easily schedule patients within a window, highlighting the target days and flags visits completed outside the window or that need to be scheduled.
  • 24-hour client access to understand the full audit trail and source changes.
  • Uploading, routing, editing and signing of documents like lab reports, ECG tracings, or patient diaries with real-time signature updates.
  • Capturing data directly during the course of a study visit with live edit checks, minimizing transcription of data into EDC, reducing monitoring visits and optimizing data management services.

SDC also just launched SDC Capture™ — ePRO technology to ensure an optimized user experience for clients and sites with superior data reliability and robust data security.

About SDC:
Statistics & Data Corporation (SDC) delivers top-tier clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, biologic, and medical device/diagnostic companies since 2005. We are committed to providing experienced teams who will take ownership of your needs and are positively engaged in your projects. With strategic consulting, biometric services (biostatistics, data management) and technology solutions (EDC, IRT/RTSM, eSource, data analytics/warehousing) expertise at our core, our services are scalable to provide seamless full service clinical trial solutions. 


About CRIO

CRIO helps pharma, biotech, research sites, and academic research centers streamline regulatory workflows with one system that enables a single point of data capture. As the leader in eSource technology, CRIO enables remote monitoring and immediate data review with a powerfully integrated eSource/EDC solution. CRIO’s mission is to design and deliver a modern, intuitive, and integrated software platform that reimagines clinical trials for quality, speed, and patient-centricity.

by Andrew Davidson
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