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Palm Beach Clinical Research: Save 32% of Clinical Research Coordinator Time

Through a carefully controlled time study, Palm Beach Clinical Research was able to save one third of clinical research coordinator time through CRIO. Now, Clinical Research Coordinators can now screen patients and manage peak patient recruiting times more efficiently.

Learn how you can save your clinical research coordinators’ time by watching the video. Plus, download Palm Beach Research’s time study.

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How Sponsors Can Leverage New Technologies To Lower Trial Costs

Discover how sponsors can achieve significant cost savings in clinical trials by adopting CRIO. Our latest case study, conducted with ALCOA Consulting, LLC, highlights the benefits of using CRIO’s integrated eSource-EDC solution. Learn how this innovative approach streamlines data capture, enhances protocol compliance, and significantly reduces monitoring and data management expenses. Download the full case...

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Taking Research In-House with CRIO

Discover how SciTech Development revolutionized their clinical trial approach with CRIO’s integrated eSource-EDC solution. By utilizing CRIO, SciTech was able to manage their Phase 1 study in-house and realize significant cost savings. Download the full case study to uncover how SciTech leveraged CRIO’s user-friendly platform to streamline data capture, enhance efficiency, and extend their financial runway.

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With CRIO Medical Records API, West Clinical Research accelerates randomizations by up to 3 weeks while improving patient safety and reducing deviations

Discover how West Clinical Research transformed their patient screening process with CRIO’s Medical Records API. By leveraging this new tool, West Clinical Research streamlined their workflows, saving hours of administrative work per patient and significantly reducing the time required to obtain crucial medical records. CRIO’s Medical Records API not only empowers the site to make...

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