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Case Studies

Experiences from clinical research sites using CRIO’s software

Vida Clinical Studies: Highest Enrolling Site in High-Profile Vaccine Study

Vida Clinical Studies is a high-performing global site network, with a strong presence in the United States and Lebanon, dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes through innovative research. The team at Vida Clinical Studies used the CRIO platform to optimize research appointments and streamline the visit process during a recently awarded RSV vaccine study. This allowed...

Washington University of St. Louis: Using CRIO As A Quality Tool In Clinical Trials

This case study showcases how Washington University in St. Louis, a leading academic research center, implemented CRIO’s eSource on their industry-funded protocols, resulting in improved quality across studies, reduced data errors, enhanced patient safety, and simplified PI oversight. The study highlights how going paperless with CRIO’s eSource improved study design flexibility and provided detailed instructions...

Bioserv SMO – Global Research Powered by CRIO

With CRIO, source can be written and data entered in any language. The CRIO platform itself supports Portuguese and Spanish versions. With Bioserv’s Portuguese language version, CRIO has been instrumental in this multi-site, clinical research operator’s success. As Bioserv grew and mastered the technology, they realized that they could effectively serve as a reseller and...

Charlottesville Medical Research: CRIO Is A PI-Centric EMR

Dr. Clark, PI at Charlottesville Medical Research Center, discovered that CRIO is unlike the EMR he had in his medical practice that used to slow him down. CRIO has enabled him to save time, improve the performance of his site, and earn multiple levels of return. Overall, he spends less time in CRIO than he...

Optimed Research + CRIO

Optimed Research: A Virtual Site Network Through CRIO

Using CRIO’s powerful enterprise system, Optimed Research has pioneered a virtual, centralized delivery model for their clinical research site network. This model has the potential to transform the clinical trials industry and bring investigational products to market quicker. Download the full case study to learn more.

Regeneris Medical: CRIO Would Have Saved $50K in Uninvoiced Revenue

After adopting CRIO’s clinical trial software, Regeneris Medical performed an audit of their financials on a high-enrolling study and discovered over $50,000, or nearly 10% of potential revenue, was uninvoiced. Had they used the CRIO eSource system integrated with Finance, they would have easily captured all this nearly-missed revenue.

Summit Clinical Research: 4X Revenue through CRIO

Summit Clinical Research’s revenue quadrupled after they started with CRIO. Summit started as a single-coordinator practice. Through CRIO’s clinical trial software, it was able to increase revenue by nearly four-fold in only 2 years. Now, Summit has a lot more growth potential left, and that’s made possible with CRIO. Learn how by downloading the full...

Monitors Favor Clinical Research IO Over Paper By 3:1 Margins

In this free, downloadable case study, read the survey showing that monitors favor Clinical Research IO’s remote monitoring software by 3:1 margins. One CRA discovered the benefits of the CRIO system and introduced it to other sites on the trial. The CRAs’ favorable impressions were confirmed in a subsequent survey of CRA users of the...

Injury Care Research: Working Remotely Over Half the Time

After implementing CRIO’s eSource and CTMS, the staff at Injury Care Research are working remotely. Clinical Research Coordinators and investigators can be maximally productive without always being in the office. A time study revealed that 60% of total employee time is now spent outside the core facility. Download the case study for more information.


Medex Healthcare Research: Reduce 50% of Protocol Deviations

Want to learn how you can mitigate and reduce half of potential protocol deviations? Medex Healthcare Research uses Clinical Research IO’s intuitive, robust eSource to reduce protocol deviations, thus reducing exposure for their Principal Investigators. An auditor’s review of the system confirmed that the system has safeguards against 50% of the most common audit findings....