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Pioneering Site-Centric Transformation

CRIO CEO Raymond Nomizu joins Maya Zlatanova on the Trials with Maya Z podcast to discuss pioneering site-centric transformation and the role technology will play. Click here to visit the podcast’s LinkedIn page. Topics include: What’s happening right now with clinical sites Should sites choose their own tech stack How to build better ePRO workflows...


The Clinical Trials Guru, LLC

Podcast date: July 25, 2023 Topic: Consented Patient Medical Records Automatically Populating In Your Clinical Research Source? In this episode of The Clinical Trials Guru with Dan Sfera, Dr. Joy Bhosai, CEO at Pluto Health and Raymond Nomizu, CEO at CRIO discuss the impact of CRIO’s Medical Records API. CRIO, in partnership with Pluto Health,...

Faster, Better, Cheaper Clinical Trials Using CRIO

Faster, Better, Cheaper Clinical Trials Using CRIO

Find out how CRIO Reviewer, an integrated eSource/EDC platform, can help you reduce costs, improve quality, and eliminate costly enrollment delays on your next clinical trial. Our solution eliminates SDV, reduces on-site monitoring time, and increases enrollment rates by eliminating double entry into eSource and EDC systems. Schedule a demo to explore CRIO.

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