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Better, faster data: eSource-EDC with a built-in site network

Automate the protocol, embed quality at point of capture, enable full remote monitoring, and reduce travel and monitoring costs.

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Better, faster data at lower cost

fewer deviations 40%
data lock 1 week
lower cro costs 50%

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Automate the protocol with eSource

Build protocol compliance upfront through highly configurable templates that incorporate real-time alerts and logic checks to guide site workflows. Reduce deviations by 40% and lower FDA audit risk by 70%. Ensure reliable, protocol-driven endpoint data.


Review data immediately and continuously

Eliminate onsite travel and highly retrospective monitoring reviews where long overdue deviations are first discovered. Instead, adopt a centralized, fully remote and continuous review process to capture deviations early. You can even lock data as you go, accelerating time to database lock.


Save costs - big time

Combine three review workflows into one by eliminating SDV and combining CRA SDR (Source Data Review) with DM review into one Centralized Clinical Data Monitoring approach. This process significantly reduces redundancy, delays and cost associated with travel and overhead. Work with CRIO’s certified CRO partners to realize these savings, or run the trial yourself.


Leverage our high performing virtual site network

Tap into CRIO’s large and growing client site database. CRIO powered sites out-enroll non-CRIO sites by 40%, and have 2x the patient diversity. Use CRIO’s site services to select from hundreds of pre-qualified investigators within your therapeutic area.

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Learn how this forward thinking CRO is embracing CRIO to drive remote monitoring gains


CRIO's Reviewer interface is intuitive and easy to use, and with direct data capture, sponsors have a cost effective tool to take more clinical trial oversight in house.

David Goffredo
Associate Director Clinical Projects, RxSight, Inc.

By using CRIO, we deliver significant value to our sponsor clients. CRIO standardizes data collection, eliminates avoidable errors, and allows our monitoring team to review the data continuously, letting us prevent deviations from recurring and improving patient safety.

Takoda Roland
Associate Director Clinical Operations, Sitero

As a tech-enabled, virtual CRO, we have incorporated CRIO as a core technology to deliver streamlined and compliant data for our sponsor clients. Our digital-first design philosophy, combined with CRIO's site-centric approach, deliver unique value and faster timelines across virtual, hybrid and traditional study structures.

Joel Morse
CEO, Curavit

Clincloud was excited to collaborate on a study that integrated eSource data and EDC. With this capability, our site and staff can focus more time on recruiting and retaining patients - what we do best.

Jessica Branning
CEO, ClinCloud

CRIO has been a tremendous partner with Specialty Networks Research, especially in launching our prostate cancer registry across our nationwide network of urology practices. The system is easy to use for the research coordinators and allows our monitoring team to review the source data in real time, ensuring efficiency and consistent quality.

Lorraine O’Donnell
Director, SN Research


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