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The Rise of the Clinical Trial Site Mega Network

Clinical Trial Site Mega Network eBook

Discover our latest eBook, “The Rise of the Clinical Trial Site Mega Network” the third installment in our “Scaling and Innovating” series.

The first book in this series was published in 2019, where CRIO predicted that clinical research site networks would continue to grow and consolidate the industry. The second eBook, which was published in early 2023, showed a marked increase in the number and breadth of institutional investors. These prior eBooks were primarily qualitative in nature, as CRIO didn’t have reliable market data that quantified the degree of market consolidation that was taking place – until now.

Recently, we crossed paths with Colin Sholes of Cure Clinical, who revolutionized our approach. Cure Clinical fuses data from the Sunshine Act with, creating a database of every payment made to an investigator within a calendar year on a study by study basis. They then normalize the data, assign each investigator to a site, and then assign each site to a network.

Download this eBook to access quantitative data about clinical trial site network consolidation, including:

  • An overview of the US site market with information like site revenue by therapeutic area
  • The increase in site and site network ownership by institutional investors
  • Information on site network revenue by investor type and year of acquisition

Together with Cure Clinical, we’re proud to present “The Rise of the Clinical Trial Site Mega Network”.

Explore the future of research site networks with us—download your copy today!

RaymondNomizu by Raymond Nomizu CEO at CRIO
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