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CRIO ebook: Scaling and Innovating – The Consolidation and Reinvention of Clinical Research Sites

In recent years, institutional and private investors have made significant investments in the research site space. Some are consolidating free-standing research sites into a single network, while others are partnering with health systems through an
outsourced research model.

This booklet consolidates a series of interviews with leading strategists. They express a range of perspectives and strategies. However, they agree on one theme: clinical research site operations are undergoing a necessary and long-term transformation towards professionalization and scale.

Contributors: David Blume, Edgemont Partners; Sean Stanton, founder of Compass Research; Dr. James Greenwald, Medex Healthcare Research (now IMA Research); Dr. Hans Hoeck, Trialcare; Dustin Caldwell, Optimed Research; Barry Lake, Devana Solutions; and Amanda Wright, Javara.

RaymondNomizu by Raymond Nomizu CEO at CRIO
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