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Make Virtual Monitoring Work for You: How eSource Can Help Sponsors Monitor Virtually During Covid-19

Striving for site success and business continuity amidst our global pandemic? Virtual monitoring bypasses the need for travel, made nearly impossible with the coronavirus, and becomes a critical technological solution for the kind of business continuity that keeps the industry reliable and strong. You can turn complexity into meaningful change.

In this webinar, Raymond Nomizu, co-founder and CEO of Clinical Research IO, and Gail Hinkson, CEO of Pinnacle Clinical Research and vice president at Summit Clinical Research, discuss the rise of site-based eSource technologies. Examine a case study where a site-based eSource solution was employed on a multi-site trial, sharing how sites can:

  • Earn significant benefits by using eSource for remote monitoring
  • Leverage the growing use of site-centric eSource technology among research sites
  • Measure cost savings and quantify benefits with real-time data access


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