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remote consenting

Running a Site 1 Minute Read

Clinical Research IO’s latest survey shows that clinical research sites have adopted widespread technology in response to the rise of decentralized clinical trials

Clinical Research IO (CRIO)’s recent site survey showed that most sites have recovered business lost during the pandemic, are adjusting to the decentralized clinical trial model, and have implemented their own software in response. At the beginning of the pandemic, CRIO conducted a survey to look at the impact of coronavirus on research sites. By...

Remote Consenting
Running a Site
1 Minute Read -

How Research Sites Can Win with Decentralized Trials – Part 3 – Remote Consenting

Remote consent is one of the main technological and operational advantages that support direct-to-patient recruitment. In Part 3 of our 7-part webinar, join the conversation around the willingness to adopt remote consenting services, as well as the challenges of multinational clinical trials covering different languages. Topics covered over the course of 7 sessions include: Part...

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